Can't put your leg behind your head?  Neither can I!

Most people in my classes can't either, and I don't encourage it!

You may find some postures challenging, but there are always options.


Yoga Flow classes start with a warm-up to release and lengthen muscles, moving into a slow flow of standing postures before winding down with seated postures and relaxation. 



Can't touch your toes? No problem! 

Whatever your level of flexibility or previous experience, I encourage you to find your own level, moving within your range of motion to move safely into postures and flows. With regular practice you will also improve your flexibility and strength!


Experiencing ‘computer’ neck and stiff shoulders?  Tight hips and hamstrings?  Stiffness in the lower back? 

Suitable for any age and experience, this gentle, restorative yoga class will help you unwind, relax the mind and melt away tension in the whole body. The session includes somatic movement, (developed by Dr. Thomas Hanna to relieve muscular tension, helping to release and lengthen tight muscles); calming breathing techniques and lots of relaxation.  Relax, restore and revive.


I have practised yoga for over 20 years and have been teaching since 2011. 

I have a 500hr teaching qualification having trained with Yoga London and Jason Crandell Yoga, I am qualified to teach pre-natal yoga and have recently completed Gary Carter's Anatomy and Movement course.  

In addition I am a Somatic Movement Coach. Somatic Movement Education was developed by Thomas Hanna, PhD to help relieve muscular tension and works by gently awakening muscles which may have become ‘stuck’ and tense through previous trauma or injury.


My classes are all currently online.  Please contact me if you are interested in joining. 

I teach flowing Hatha Yoga, a mixture of slow flow and held postures with some somatic movement to release muscular tension and calming breathing techniques to relax the mind. One size doesn’t fit all and I encourage individuals to adapt the practice to their own bodies and ranges of motion. My classes are down to earth, playful and explorative, focussing on moving with awareness, strengthening the body and calming the mind.