What is Yoga Flow?


Yoga Flow is the name of the class, it is not a style of yoga.  Classes combine 'vinyasa' flow (a sequence of postures moving with the breath) with standing, seated and balance postures with an emphasis on healthy alignment.


What is Somatic Movement?

Somatic Movement Education is a method of movement developed by Thomas Hanna, PhD which works on re-educating muscles to release tension and eliminate muscular pain.


Will I have to chant?


No, there is no chanting. 


I can't touch my toes.  Can I still do yoga?


Yes!  Your flexibility, (as well as strength and stamina) should improve with practice. The Yoga Flow classes are more dynamic and modifications are suggested to take account of the experience of the individuals attending the class. 


I have a bad knee/ back problem/stiff shoulder/other injury. Can I join the class?


If you do have an injury or medical condition, you should check with your doctor before taking up any new form of exercise, including yoga. It is important to let me know if you have any injuries or medical conditions so I can take this into consideration when teaching you. Although doctors often recommend yoga for certain conditions, there are different styles of yoga and vinyasa flow yoga in a class setting, may or may not be suitable for your specific condition.


What do I need to bring to the class?


Saint Hilda's Please bring your own yoga mat. 

Studio SE6 and The Sunflower Centre Mats are provided.


Wear comfortable clothes you can move in.  Yoga is practiced in bare feet. There are no changing rooms at the venues so it is best to arrive wearing your yoga clothes. 


Can I eat before a class?


Some postures work on the digestive system so it is not advisable to eat for 2-3 hours before a class. 

I am pregnant.  Will the class be suitable for me?


If you are already attending regular yoga classes it may be possible for you to continue practicing in a general class.  Please contact me to discuss.


Can men come to your classes?


Yes of course.  Lots of men practice yoga.  Come along!


How much does a class cost?


Yoga Flow at Saint Hilda's 

Classes at Saint Hilda's are offered in term blocks. The number of weeks in a block will vary according to the school term.  Investing in a block is better value and encourages you to build a regular practice.  You may make up classes either on a Monday or Tuesday within the duration of the block.  Unattended classes within a block are not transferable to another term and are not refundable.  Drop-in is available if there is space.  Priority will be given to people who have booked the block.


Chill-out Yoga at The Sunflower Centre

Classes at the Sunflower Centre are held monthly.  These classes are small and it is advisable to book in advance to secure your place. Missed classes are not refundable. Drop in may be available if there is space but please check in advance.


Yoga at The Studio SE6

Classes run in monthly blocks and there is no drop-in available at the Studio.  Please contact the studio directly to book a course.